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Who We Are

TalenTailor was created in the Middle East to tailor to the region’s job market. With an aim to reform the online recruitment industry, TalenTailor connects talented individuals to the Middle Eastern corporate world in a unique and revolutionary way.


We help companies fill various jobs across different industries with the right talent and provide jobseekers with the best opportunities. With a strong passion for delivering the right job for employers and jobseekers alike, TalenTailor is the optimal solution provider for companies’ HR needs. 


TalenTailor offers companies comprehensive headhunting services for various positions – from mid-management to executive level. It further provides an added service of conducting interviews on behalf of employers, filtering the applicants and delivering 2-3 shortlisted candidates. TalenTailor also has the capability to accommodate mass recruitment needs of corporations from a variety of different industries.