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Real-life Funny Job Interview Stories

Can you relate to these crazy stories?

Everyone has the occasional bad job interview. You show up late, you wear the wrong thing and you can't seem to put a sentence together. It happens to the best of us. But every once in a while there are job interviews so strange that they can only be considered once in a lifetime events. We've compiled some real life crazy job interview stories from job seekers just like you! They're good, they're bad, and they're downright ugly. But one thing is for sure - they're gonna make you laugh.

I was being interviewed for a good position as an EMT out in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. Keep in mind, I’m a city guy. I drove up to this big pole building of an ambulance service, parked my tiny car amongst all the trucks and walked inside. As I was walking inside I noticed the place to be very professional, like a mock up of what an office in NYC would look like. So I proceeded to a conference room to wait. After a few minutes of waiting this very sharply dressed man walks in, he was wearing a suit and tie that smelled like money. He had perfect hair, perfect teeth, and a very calm demeanor. So I stood to greet the man and he reaches over to me and pulls me in for a hug! I was as confused as to whether I should really hug him, but like I said it was a great position. I heard something in my ear that really confused me. He was smelling me. 100% this guy was smelling me. I just kinda let it happen. I had no idea what was going on but I just thought “benefits, great salary”. After the wonderful embrace he walks to the opposite side of the table and starts asking all the usual questions. It was like he turned off the love to go back to the professional attitude. So confusing. Nearing the end of the interview he asks me some personal questions, my interests, family, easy stuff. I mentioned getting into EMS because both of my brothers are drug addicts and I wanted to be able to take care of them. He grabbed my hand from across the table and held it. I was like…”Are you kidding me?” He just had this look on his face like “tell me everything” I considered crying to get the job but I figured that would be way to over the top. As the interview had ended I stood up to exit the room first and he just gives me a quick shoulder hug and says “Thanks for coming, I think you’ll fit in just fine here” Turns out the guy is married now but is also a recent divorcee and since that he has been a very “share your emotions” kinda guy. I did get the job but I eventually left it, I had family obligations. It by far was the weirdest interview ever. I tell everyone about it. – Greyson V. 

I once went on job interview where upon arrival I parked my car, got out, locked the door and immediately locked my thumb in the door. My keys were already in my purse. I yelled for help but no one came. People just looked at me and kept walking. I finally managed to twist and turn and get my keys out of my purse. I went ahead and went into the interview for a receptionist position. During the interview the interviewer asked me to take a typing test. I explained that I couldn’t take the test because of my thumb. I offered to come back the next day to take the typing test. The interviewer got me a cup of ice water and I soaked my thumb while we continued the interview. The next day I got a call from the company. I was hired without a typing test. They said anyone who could stay as calm and collected as I was with a thumb swollen and bruised was someone they certainly wanted to run their front office. I was with the company for three years and left as Office Manager. - Bobbie M. 


My interview for the job was in two parts, one was over lunch with several people I would be working within the administration. We went to a small cafe in Louisiana and they ordered boiled crawfish for everyone, which came with a bib for me, a tray to put my tails in, and a big glass of tea. I had never even seen a crawfish till that day, not even ate one. When they came I watched how they striped something off of each one, then de-headed them and ate them. I tried that, found out what the bib was for, and noticed how spicy they were (tea was rescue for that and taste) then they told me to suck the crawfish head (that still had eyes, and whiskers or something). All I could see was ugly stuff inside, but I sucked it and lucky I had swallowed it whole, they all clapped and thought I was going to be a good person to work with because I took a chance. They did not see all of the ugly crawfish I had wrapped up in napkins and put in my purse to throw away ASAP. I was scared of the second part and what I would have to eat or do then. However, it was better; I had to show I knew how to dance too. I got the job because they had approved my resume but they wanted to make sure I would fit in with the people. - Cyndi B. 

I went on a job interview a few years ago for a data entry position. Part of the interview was testing your typing speed. The interviewer stood next to me and told me to “right click to open this file” and I was so nervous that in the note pad window that was open, I actually wrote the word ‘click’. Both got a good laugh and I GOT THE JOB! - Alicia E.

The craziest interview I have ever experienced was for Subway. I got hired through frantic text messages saying, “Come up here ASAP we’re in a nonstop rush, Oh and bring a green shirt, Congrats”. - Lynzi E. 

When I was 17 years old – I had my first interview and it was with the F.B.I. in Alabama. I had always wanted to work for the F.B.I. so I went down to the FBI office and first met the receptionist. I had never been to an interview, did not know what to say, what to do and not do but when I walked into that office- the lady asked me: ” Can I help you?” I just said: ” I have come to work for the F.B.I.” and I came with an SF 171 (a Federal job application). The only thing on the entire application was my name at the top and my signature at the bottom. I had no job experiences at all. WHAT WAS I THINKING !!!! The Manager/Supervisor called me into his office and said: ” Jimmy – I see that you are interested in working for the FBI.” Now remember– I was 17 years old but looked like a 12 year old with a flat top hair cut and skinny as a rail. He looked at me and said– “Jimmy— I would like for you to — Go home——(I could just see him about to tell me to go home and pack my suitcase and come back and leave in the morning for Washington DC for the FBI Finger Printing Division)— eat some more meat and potatoes and come back in a couple years— now skee-dattle on out of here”. I nearly died, I was mad, I was embarrassed–I dashed out that door and never ever applied for a job with the FBI. I went on to college and eventually found my best job at the FDA. - James R. 

When I got to the location I was told to go into an office to fill out my application. The lady told me to sit at the desk and I would be seen by someone after I was done. I presumed that I would go into another office. I sat in the big chair behind the desk to fill the application out. Much to my dismay, the interviewer came in and had to sit in the little chair across from the desk that I was sitting in. I was in the alpha position and my potential employer was in the little chair. I think I nailed all of the questions but I think it was too awkward for my potential boss to take. I was so ashamed that I ASSUMED that I should sit in the big chair. - Beverly E.

In my very early twenties, I had an interview with a major department store. Well, the day before I picked out a very conservative black skirt and pinstriped top. I even tried the outfit on to insure that it fit. When I arrived at the interview I was greeted by a man in his late thirties or early forties. However, during the interview I noticed that he frequently tilted his body to one side. I thought it a bit odd, though, I assumed the man may have a stiff back and was experiencing discomfort. It wasn't until I arrived back in my car that I realized that the side seam in my skirt had come apart and I was revealing quite a bit. That's what I get for shopping the clearance racks. However, the way he was leaning, I'm surprised I didn't get the job. - Laura P.

I went on a job interview for a Director’s Assistant, and was told it was someone who worked in film. I found out upon arriving that I was actually meeting a very prominent movie Director. He saw on my resume that I spoke “some French” which led him to conduct my entire interview in French. I speak SOME, but I hear little to almost none when they get going. Needless to say, the interview was a bust, and he laughed me right out of his office. I was totally embarrassed and amended my resume immediately. - Mia W.