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Simple Thank You Note to Send After a Job Interview

It's always a good idea to take the time to thank the people you meet with during a job interview.  What's the best way to show your appreciation for the interviewer's time?

Your thank you note or email doesn't need to be lengthy, but it should reiterate your interest in the job, remind the interviewer of your key qualifications, and relay your thanks for being considered for the position.

Review an example of a basic thank you note example you can send (via email or mail) after an interview, tips for who you should thank, and advice on how to write a note that makes a great impression.


Simple Job Interview Thank You Note Example

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I appreciate your taking the time yesterday to speak with me regarding the Position at Company Name.

After the interview, I have a better understanding of what the responsibilities and opportunities are in the position. I believe that my knowledge and goals are very compatible with your needs.

It was a pleasure to talk with you. Please contact me if you have any additional questions for me. Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards,

Your Name

Who to Thank After a Job Interview

If you meet a lot of people should you thank them all for their time? It’s not an absolute requirement to send each person a thank you note or email. It is acceptable to send your note to the point person who has orchestrated your interview day and to request that the individual share your thanks with the other interviewers.

How to Make the Best Impression

It takes a little extra time, but you will make the most favorable impression if you communicate directly with each member of the interviewing team.

Since your follow-up communication should do more than simply thank your interviewers, you should make sure your message is conveyed to all the people who might have a say in the hiring decision.

What to Write in Your Thank You Messages

Ideally, your note or email should include an expression of strong or enhanced interest in the job after meeting with the interview team.


In addition, incorporate a concise statement regarding why you think the position is an excellent fit, as well as an expression of gratitude for their time and input.  

You can also add any information about your qualifications that you neglected to share during the meeting. Here’s how to write a thank you letter for a job interview.

Take the Time to Personalize

Want to make an extra positive impression on your interviewers? Incorporate a different sentence into each communication referencing something specific of interest that the interviewer shared or a concern that she emphasized through her questioning.  

When to Send Your Email or Note

Your follow up communication should be sent immediately after the interview so that it arrives prior to the completion of candidate evaluations. Either an email or even a hand delivered thank you note is usually the timeliest means of communicating. If you know you have time, a mailed thank you letter or card is another option.

Get Contact Information

Prepare in advance for following up after an interview by asking for business cards or contact information for the people you meet with. You can ask them as you meet them or ask the person who arranged the interview if they can provide it.

Either way, make sure you get the proper titles and email addresses for each of your interviewers prior to the end of your interview day so you can expedite your follow up.