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What our clients are saying

Great professionalism showed by TalenTailor. First, they took the time to fully understand how our company runs, and the quality and standards we expect of our employees. The employees they then provided for us were precisely according to our specifications and were hired at the first time of asking.

Mohammad Jadallah
Co-Founder and Managing Director - SERV.

It was truly a great experience working with Talentailor, the mission was made simple and the required position was spotted, targeted, and hired ahead of schedule. We definitely recommend others to work with them.

Faisal Salfiti

"We suffered! Finding right talent + in a short period of time + with the perfect fit can be a real tiring activity. 

Especially in medium sized companies like ours, where a single hire can make a difference. Each candidate needs to fulfill his role so perfectly, anything less can affect the course of the operations. With TalenTailor I believe the best thing was the fact that they managed to spot on what our need is, gave in tips to how to communicate to existing and future hires, and what are the donts in our hiring policies. It was an eye opening experience and it gave us hope in being able to hire the right talent without having to go through the trial and error approach we almost got used to. "

Lubna Taimeh
CEO - ShopGO

Started working with TalenTailor right after their launch. In addition to their high level of cooperation, follow up, and speed of delivery, they have also provided their advice on recruitment and managing the relationship with the candidate that made the experience personal and valuable. We already contracted with them again for our next hire.

Hamdi Tabaa
Jordan Head of Operations - UBER